Life Changes

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  • Major life events are a major source of stress regardeless of whether they are positive or negative.

Holmes and Rahe (1967) developed the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) based on 43 life evnts taken from their analysis of over 5000 patient records. 

  • The SRRS is based on the premise that both positive and negative events can increase stress levels nd make one more susceptible to illness and mental health problems. 

Key study: Rahe et al's (1970) study of life changes as a source of stress

Aims: to test Holme's and Rahe's hypothesis that the number of life events a person experienced would be positvely correlated with illness. 

Procedures: A military version of the SRRS (the SRE) was given to all the men aboard three US navy ships (2700 men). The men filled in a questionnaire just before doing a tour of duty. An illness score was calculated on the basis of the number, typer and severity of all illnesses recorder during the tour of duty. 

Findings: A positive correlation was found betwee LCU…


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