life beyond earth

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many scientists want to try and find out if there's life out there. space exploration is very expensive, and impractical for anything beyond the solar system - the distances are just too large. scientists usually use earth-based telescope or other remote-sensing techniques to get some initial clues - before they spend loads of money sending robots or people for a closer look

scientists haven't found anything exciting, but they are using these methods to search for planets with suitable living conditions


us earthlings are constantly beaming radio, tv and radar into space for any passing aliens to detect. there might be life out there that's as clever as we are. or even more clever. they may have built transmitters to send out signals like ours.

SETI stands for Search for ExtraTerrerestrial Intelligence. scientists on the seti project are looking for narrow bands of radio wavelengths coming to earth from outer space. they're looking for meaningful signal in all the 'noise'

signals in a narrow band could have…


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