Life Changes

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  • Holmes and Rahe were main psychologists for researching life changes link to stress.
  • Both positive and neggative and in turn affected health.
  • Using Life Changes to Measure Stress
  • Social Readjustment Scale (SRRS) based on 43 life events taken from over 5000 patients. 
  • In order to establish stressfullness of each event, a panel of 400 participants were asked to score each event by how much readjustment would be required by someone. (numerical)
  • Key Study: Rahe et al.
  • This technique used to test Holmes and Rahes hypothese that number of life events a person experienced would be positively correlated with illness... aimed at a normal populartion.
  • What did they do?
  • Military version of SRRS given to men on board 3 US navy ships (2700 men) 
  • Questionnaire filled out j before a tour of dury noting all life events experienced in previous six months.
  • Illness schore calculated on basis of the number, type and severity of all illnesses recorded during tour of duth.
  • What did they find?
  • Positive correlation between LCU score and illness score of +.118.
  • Men scoring low in SRE scores had low levels of illness at sea.
  • High SRE scores experience high levels of illness.
  • Both + and - events are invluded in the SRRS…


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