Life Before Computers


I was sixteen when I first saw a computer and the power and influence of app reviews. Pretty much all it did was play poker. It was amusing, but poker is a lot more fun when you play with people. In 1988, we got our first home computer and life changed almost immediately.

Checking Hoaxes: While the number of hoaxes has climbed considerably with the internet, they weren’t unknown before. We just didn’t always know we were being gulled.

I remember one distinctly, and it has actually been around the ‘net a few times as well. A woman had found some dead kittens. She put them in a discarded shopping bag to take them home to bury them. Another woman snatched the bag and ran. When she looked inside, she fainted. An ambulance was duly called and the unconscious woman placed on the stretcher. The kind paramedic placed the shopping bag on her chest…

Finding Information: If you didn’t have the right books in your home library, before the internet you had…


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