Liberal Welfare Reform

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Liberal Welfare Reform

School and Children

  • Free School meals 1906
  • Medical Inspections 1907
  • Children Act 1908
  • School Clinic

Free School Meals

  • Local Councils have power to give free meals to poor once a week, Monday to Friday
  • By 1914 158,000 children had a free meal once a day. Monday to Friday.

School Medical Inspection

  • Doctors or Nurses gave compulsory medical checks to Children.
  • Treatment recommended but the poor families still had to pay for treatment
  • 1912 this changed

The Children’s Act

  • Protection against cruelty
  • Local charities responsible for supervising and helping neglect families
  • This was The start of the social services
  • All Children’s homes had to be registered and inspected
  • Children under 14 couldn't go to adult prisons
  • Juvenile Courts were setup
  • Borstals built for young offenders
  • Children under 14 not allowed in pubs
  • No cigarettes allowed to be sold to under 16's
  • Peoples budget 1909

School clinics

  • A network


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