Lexis and Semantics

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Lexis: The method that deals with the vocabulary system of a language.

Semantics: The method that deals with meaning and how that is generated within texts.

Textual cohesion: the term used to describe how a text is logically structured to create a coherent sense of meaning.

Subject Pronoun: A pronoun that usually occurs as the actor in a verbal process.

Object Pronoun: a pronoun that usually appears as being affected by a verb process.

Possessive Pronoun: A pronoun that demonstrates ownership.

Lexical Words: Words that carry explicit meanings and represent the word classes that are open to new additions and derivations.

Functional Words: Words that have less explicit meaning and serve to highlight relationships between other words.

Material Processes: Describing actions or events.

Relational Processes: describing states of being, identification or attributes.

Mental Processes: describing perception, thoughts or speech.

Dynamic Verbs: verbs where the situation described by the verb process changes over time, for example 'he ate the cake' involves a dynamic process.

Stative Verbs: verbs that describes a state of affairs rather than an action, e.g. 'know'.

Base Form: the single form of an adjective, serving to modify.



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