Lesson 3 - How to Avoid Legal Complications


As a medical business, you need to be extra vigilant; health and safety are important as lawsuits against medical practitioners are easy and common because the law will not deny someone whose health has been negatively impacted.

Be careful what you say/ do:

Do not allow questionable statements to pass the lips of you or any employees and NEVER lie or force a dignosis on a patient, and do not employ suspicious individuals.
Be careful with business associations and never assicoate your business with suspicious companies as their exposure equals your business downfall.
Avoid conflicts of interest e.g. activities that go against company morals.

Get an attorney:

Hire an attorney as soon as you establish your business; find someone who knows the local laws or even hire someone with a specific field of expertise. You can also hire a tax attorney if you are worried about taxation bodies.

Keep your business separate from your assets:

Many businesses operate on a sole proprietorship basis, where the owner is legally attached to the business. If this owner is sued, their personal assets can be used…


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