Lesson 2 - Furnishings and Equipment


After deciding on the location, equipment is important to look at. Look towards buying general equipment as well as specific iridology tools, such as;

  • Microscopes, cameras, and lights need to be available; do not compromise the quality of your service so make sure to buy the latest technological advancements in iridology; alternatively, you can lease depending on budget. 
    • Iridoscope- great accuracy reading, the latest model is Jensen 110 with other options and varying versions on the market.
    • Magnifying glass- optic magnifying glass is the best on the market.
    • Iridology charts- and other charts to explain to the patient in the consultation, e.g. nutrition charts, respiratory and circulatory system charts, digestive system chart, mineral deficiency charts etc.
    • Lights- illuminates the iris and sclera so you need good office lighting as well as flashlights, lamps, and tools for the accuracy of the reading.

Some general office equipment may be:

  • Computers, phones, fax machines, printers, scanners and stationary such as pens, notepads, and paper etc.
  • To maximize space and minimize costs, look to buy machines with multiple functions e.g. a printer…


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