Lesson 2 - Dealing with Unresponsive Patients


IRIDOLOGY = preventative and recommends treatment to halt the degenerative process and return the body to homeostasis/ optimum health. It is HOLISTIC.

  • e.g. we may observe the risk of GI disease such as Crohn's before symptoms appear, whereas conventional medicine is CORRECTIVE as it treats after the degenerative process has proliferated. 
  • You may also spot a disease which has not manifested but is still observable in the iris e.g. cancer, which usually appears too late. You can then refer the patient to an MD for effective treatment.
  • There are a number of diseases which cannot be cured by natural medicine alone, so it is important to refer the client to an MD to protect their health and your reputation. ADMIT WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE THE CURE FOR A DISEASE.

Conditions that ARE curable w/ natural medicine:

  • Nutritional deficiencies;
  • Hereditary Pattern Weakness;
  • Sources of infection;
  • Overall health level;
  • Toxic build-up before the appearance of disease;
  • The result of physical and mental fatigue;
  • Stress and…


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