Lenin - October 1917-1924

  • Great influence on revolutionary movement - often in exile. 
  • Major role in Bols seizure of power, establishment of Communist rule in Russia. 
  • Revisionist historians - Lenin laid base for future Communist leaders to build on. 
  • Stalin & Khrushchev - thought to have continued Leninist ideas & policies rather than introducing own style of Communism. 


  • Jan 1918 - 3rd All Russian Congress of Soviets - shut down Constituent Assembly, announced establishment of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Governed by All-Russian Congress of Soviets - Central Executive Committee & Council of People's Commissars. Sovnarkom. 
  • In theory meant people should be represented directly - new organs of gov dominated by Bols. 
  • March 1918 - Lenin authorised signing of Treaty of Brest-Litvosk - ended Russia's involvement in WW1.


  • Divorce & abortions permitted. Education open to workers, drive for literacy & education. 
  • Working class greatly encouraged to attend university. 
  • NEP introduced - result of devastating effects of 1921 famine. 
  • Labour resources geared to war effort - militarisation of labour. 
  • Workers expected to focus on producing goods essential to winning war.
  • Decrees passed - Decree on peace, civil marriage & divorce made easier. Institute for protection of mothers and children formed. Commissariat of public education - education out of hands of Church. All titles abolished - everyone 'comrade' - attempt to establish equality in Russia - traditionally socialist principle. 


  • 1917 - Lenin introduce State Capitalism - complete control of economy by state before dictatorship of Proletariat established. Reinforced by Decree on…


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