Learning Contemporary Study - Capafons (1998)


  • To test whether systematic desensitisation is effective as a therapeutic technique for a fear of flying.
  • To test if systematic desensitisation is still effective and not out-dated.


  • The study used 41 people with a fear of flying. 20 were randomly assigned to the treatment and 21 were assigned to the waiting control group. The two groups were matched pairs, in terms of age, sex, fear levels etc.
  • They were recruited through a media campaign advertising free treatments for a fear of flying.
  • The treatment group consisted of 8 males and 12 females (mean age was 29.65) while the waiting control group consisted of 9 males and 12 females (mean age was 34.05).
  • Initial testing - Participants were interviewed individually, then they watched a video that went from someone packing a case to…


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