Learning Approach: BEHAVIOURISM

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All behaviours are learnt from the environment.
Animals and humans learn the same way so experiments are done on animanls and the results are extrapolated onto humans.
Behaviourists use mainly lab experiments to fit the objective and scientifuc methods.

Classical conditrioning: EXPERIMENT 

It is learning through association and demostrated by Pavolov.
Pavlov studied the salivary reflexes in dogs:

1: Dogs were presented with food=salivation
    Food=UCR Salivation=UCR

2: Pavlov sounded bell (NS) before the food
    Bell: No salivation

3: After a few pairing the dogs salivated even wehn no food was given
    Bell= CS Salivation=CR

4: Dogs learned to associate the bell with the food
    Sound of the bell triggered the salivation.


- SKINNER argued that learning is an active process
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: Recieving a reward after doing an a ction i.e praising a child.
NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT: when an action prevents stoppoing something from happing. i.e rat ahs to press the lever to…


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