Learning and teaching styles

Learning and teaching styles:


Learning styles are the prefered way that students process information and then use that information.

Teaching styles are the prefered way that a teacher likes to deliver a class.

The onion model (Curry):

The outer layer is called instructional preference: this refers to how a student prefers to be taught, it can be effected by things like who is teaching the class or expectations from their parents. It is very unstable and can change.

The middel layer is called informational processing style: This is how the student processes information, it represents how the students takes in the information and then uses it for certain tasks. It is more stable, it stays tends to stay the same in the different classes.

The inner core: Is the cognitive personality styles. It represents the core way of thinking, the angle they take (step by step or backwards searching). it is the core way of thinking so will not change.


 Independant: prefers to learn by themselves. Dependant: prefers to look to the teacher for guidance. Competitive: Motivated to work so they can perform better than their peers. Collaborative: Preference on working in small groups. Avoidant: studenst feel unethusiastic. Particpant: Eager to work and are engaged in the class activities.


Formal and informal teaching: Formal teaching is teacher centered approach the teacher is control of the classroom, chooses what is studied, who sits where and how the class room is arranged. it is very much rote learning.  Whereas informal teaching is student centered, the lesson is arranegd with the teacher and


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