League of Nations summary

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Aims of the League of Nations - SIDE:

  • Stop wars
  • Improve living & working conditions across the world
  • Disarmament
  • Encourage international trade.
  • Based in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 42 members - main members, Britain, France, Japan
  • Non members - USA, Russia, Germany.
  • Germany not allowed to join.
  • USA did not join as American people did not want to be involved in other countries' problems.

League consisted of:

  • Assembly - met once a year
  • Council - met regularly to consider crisises
  • Secretariat - to handle paperwork
  • Court of International Justice
  • Committees including International Labour Committee and Health Organisation to carry out humanitarian work.

Four Main Powers:

  • Covenant - all members promised to keep the peace
  • Condemnation - the League could tell a country it was doing wrong
  • Arbitration - the League could offer to decide between two countries
  • Sanctions - trade


  • Set up by Treaty of Versailles so agreed by all countries at the conference.
  • Able to offer arbitration through Court of International Justice or impose sanctions.


  • Set up by Treaty of Versailles - hated by all nations
  • Germany, Russia and USA not members
  • No army
  • All decisions had to be unanimous


  • Aaland Islands 1921 - traditionally belonged to Finland but islands' people wanted govenance by Sweden.  Neither country could decide who owned the islands and…


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