League Of Nations Notes

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  • Policy adopted by Neville Chamberlain (British PM) in order to another world war
  • The policy was that, to avoid war, Britain and France would give countries what they want for example Italy invaded Abyssinia and France secretly agreed to give Mussolini Abyssinia
  • Appeasement occasionally clashed with the Treaty of Versailles, Anschluss was one of the main problems along with remilitarizing the Rhineland
  • The Great Depression meant that people were not prepared to fight in another war so the policy of appeasement, in Neville Chamberlain's eyes, was the right thing to do
  • It could be argued that if Britain and France had put their foot down and not bent to Hitler's wims than WWII would never have happened

Locarno Treaty

  • In 1925, Germany was entered into the Locarno…


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