Lay magistrates

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Lay magistrates-- volunteers

- only sit in the magistrates court -- hear matter of summary offence and triable either way where they have agreed to hear trial or the defendent pleads guilty 


1) aged between 18-65

2)live/ work within the local justice area

3) prepared to set 26 half days per year 


- those with serious convictions or lots of less serious previous convictions

-undischarged bankrupts 

-a person that has a job that is incompatiable with being a LM eg police officer 

- A relative of those above 

- women or man in the armed forces 


-application to the local advisory commitee

- can apply in person following an advertisement 

or apply online via government website 


-will review all applications --- aim to find a good cross selection of society 

- if necessary positve discrimination will be permitted

-candidates will be required to take two interviews 


- assigned to check the general character of the applicant 

- This will be looking to see if the candidate has the required 6 qualties

M .  Maturity and sound tempernment 

C .Committment and reliabilty 



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