Law and Morals

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Law and Morals

Morality is generally to do with beliefs, so stems partly from religion. Morality can differ from culture to culture and from individual to individual, although some behaviour is universally unacceptable. Inevitably morality has an impact on law, particularly the criminal law, and as a general principle the law should coincide with the moral values of society. However, sometimes the law concerns controversial areas.


A French sociologist, Durkheim, said that it is impossible to find a single set of moral values that would be acceptable to all the members of a mordern society. There are differing views regarding life and death. Whilst many people view any form of killing as wrong. However, some people see abortion and euthanasia as morally acceptable. Morals also change over time and views may become more relaxed.


Twining and Miers defined rules as 'a general norm mandating or guiding conduct'. 



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