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Assignment Five = Employment law
Rhiannon Holborn

Mr Ritchie has problems on behalf of the employers and employees. There is stock gone missing, business is slow, staff members are not genuine, profits have gone down and the company are contemplating making some members of the team redundant. But on the other hand, staff members have had advice from their trade union and are thretening to strike,

The main argument for this problem is that there is missing stick and busniness is slow. With the business being slow they may be finding it difficult to pay all members of staff and this is ther reasoning for wanting to cut back on the number of staff that they have working for them. Female workers make up the majority of the staff and tend to be part-time workers, they will be the first to be made redundant. This could be seen as unfair as the selection hasn't been fairly made. If there is a major amount of female worker dismissed then this could lead in them claiming on the grounds of discrimination in the workforce.

Instead of cutting back and making many staff members redundant maybe the employers could consider less hours instead of their job being lost completely. This will then create a better atmosphere and staff will still have some income at the end of the month.

It is clear that females would be dismissed from their job because they make up the most staff but there is no proof that the women have been taking the stock. There is no


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