Law 03- Starting off answering Murder Question...

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Hello again, In class we've all been taught differently therefore we approach questions in different ways! 

I am sharing a model answer starter that I use to start answering my question.  (Overall for the whole paper I was awarded a rough mark of A/B). I am sure you all have better answers but it's just that I'm learning while writing it down as well:) 

Firstly, Don't ever go into too much detail on As Stuffs! 

Here is how i'd start answering my question relating to the murder scenario....

Murder is defined in S.1 of the Homicide Act 1957 as "unlawful killing of a reasonable person under the Queen's peace with malice aforethought expressed or implied." The actus reus of Murder can be taken from the definition itself,"unlawful killing". This follows on to Causation which…


Cogito ergo sum


This is really good . Thanks x



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Murder is not laid down in an act! It is common law!



Murder defined by lord coke in the 17th century as '...

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