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  • need of body supervising systematic reform - b4 19thC / lord chancellors
  • LC 1965 (permanent law reform body/reports 2 lord C) s3(1) L C 'keep under review all law w a view 2 dev+reform' - 5 full time legally qualified members+ high court judge as a chair person + support staff 4 research


  • doesnt respond 2 issue as they arise (cosniders area of law which need reform - may be referred by lord C on behalf og gov / LC itself seeks gov approval 2 draft report 
  • concentrates on 'LAWYERS LAW' 'PURE LAW' (Substantive family, contract, tort)
  • researchers make 'working paper'
  • CODIFICATION- brings together all law on 1 topic into 1 complete code of law (easy 2 find) 1st plan 2 codify family, contract BUT now codify small sections as ml gov prepared 2 make reforms
  • CONSOLIDATION X- draws law from any act of p into 1 act - needed as some law has no. of statutes each set


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