Latin set texts-2- Cicero

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Caesar plans to come to the aid of Cicero.

quanto erat in dies gravior atque asperior oppugnatio, et maxime quod magna parte militum confecta vulneribus res ad paucitatem defensorum pervenerat, tanto crebriores litterae nuntiique ad Caesarem mittebantur;

As much as the attack became more serious and rough on a daily basis and especially as a great proportion of the soldiers had been worn out by wound, the matter had reached a small number of defenders, so more frequent letters and messengers were being sent to Caesar.

quorum pars deprehensa in conspectu nostrorum militum cum cruciat necabatur.

A part of these (messengers) was caught and killed by torture in sight of our soliders.

erat unus intus Nervius nomine Vertico, loco natus honesto, qui a primo obsidione ad Ciceronem perfugerat, suamque et fidem praestiterat.

There was one Nervian inside (the camp) called Vertico, born in a high-ranking position, who had fled from the first siege to Cicero, and he had shown his loyalty also.

hic servo spe libertatis magnisque persuadet praemiis ut litteras ad Caesarem deferat.

He persuades his slave with the hope of freedom and with great rewards to deliver the letters to Caesar.

has ille in iaculo inligatas effert et Gallus inter Gallos sine ulla suspicione versatus ad Caesarem pervenit.

He carries these out tied on his javelin and coming, and going frequently as a Gaul amoung Gauls without any suspicion, he reaches Caesar.

ab eo de periculis


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