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Bravery and Strategy in Battle

erant in ea legione fortissimi viri, centuriones, qui primis ordinibus appropinquarent, Titus Pullo et Lucius Vorenus.

There were in that legion very brave men, centurions, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, who were approaching the first ranks.  

hi perpetuas inter se controversias habebant, quinam anteferretur, omnibusque annis de locis summis simultatibus contendebant.

These men were having continual disputes with each other as to which should be preferred and  every year used to quarrel about their positions with the greatest of arguments.

ex his Pullo, cum acerrime ad munitiones pugnarentur, 'quid dubitas,' inquit 'Vorenus?'

When the fighting was feircest near the fortifications, one of them, Pullo, said: 'Why do you hesitate, Vorenus?

aut quem locum tuae pro laude virtutis spectas?

What oppurtunity (place) are you looking at for praise of your courage?

hic dies de nostris controversiis iudicabit.'

This day will be the judge of our disputes.'

haec cum dixisset, procedit extra munitiones, quaeque pars hostium confertissima est visa irrumpit.

When he had said this, he advanced outside the ramparts and burst into that part of the enemy which seemed the thickest.

ne Vorenus quidem sese vallo continet sed omnium veritus existimationem subsequitur.

Not even does Vorenus keep himself inside the rampart, but fearing everyone's opinion, follows closely.  

tum mediocri spatio relicto, Pullo pilum in hostes immittit atque unum ex multitudine procurrentem traicit;

Then, after leaving a moderate distance, Pullo throws…


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