Latin Prose Analysis

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  • 'aegrotabat'- ill- emphatically placed- to emphasise the illness
  • 'Caecina Paetus'- sense of family
  • 'aegrotabat'- ill- anaphora- to evoke pathos
  • 'gravissime'- very seriously- superlative adverb- sense of foreboding sadness
  • 'filius mortuus est'- the sond died- very brief clause
  • 'iuvenis'- young man- evokes pathos
  • 'pulcherrimus, verecundus, carus'- most beautiful, modest, dear- tricolon emphasises his characteristics
  • 'pulcherrimus'- most beautiful- superlative- to emphasise his beauty
  • 'pulcherrimus et verecundus et parentibus carus'- most beautiful and modest and dear to his parents- polysyndeton- emphasises his characteristics
  • 'ita'- thus- repetition, tautology
  • 'funus paravit, ... duxit exsequias'- prepared the funeral for him, ... she lead


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