language change

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language change

lexical change 

new words are always being created. the creation of new words are called coinage

Different ways how words are created.

borrowing- simple was to create words from other languages. words from othe rlanguages, barbeque spanish, bungalow hindustani, robot czech. a lot of borrowing relate to food or objects not traditionally found in the uk. i.e spaghetti

scientific progress - advances in medicine and technology cause new words and phrases to be invented. for example vitro fertilisation emerged from teh 70s.

affixation- words can also be created by affixaxtion where prefixes or suffixes are added to the end of an existting word. for example the greek word hyper is added to the beginning of words hyperactive, hyperductive, hypersensitive

compounding - sometimes a  new word is created by adding two seperate words together to form another word. and can be combined, an example being handbag 

Blending - blending is when two seperate words are merged together , for example…


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