Language and Technology

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Text Messaging and IM:

  • Register is affected by audience, purpose, and context.
  • Participants will use more letters than necessary to imitate prosodic features.
  • Use of compressed text - vowel omission (pls), phonetic spelling (nite) acronyms (lol) letter/number homophones (GR8).
  • Texts can be ambigous due to a lack of prosodic features.
  • non standard spelling and punctuation (similar to speech).
  • Ellipsis and Ellison.
  • Usually informal.

Telephone Conversation:

  • Schegloff theory - summons/answer => identification/recognition => greeting sequence => how are you sequence. 
  • Fillers used to keep turn.
  • Turn taking.
  • Overlapping can show enthusiasum or dominance. 
  • Contexts affects lexis.
  • Formality affected by purpose of call.


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