Language and Gender

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Lakoff - Womens Language]

  • Affective adjectives (describe feelings or emotions)
  • Empathetic Stress
  • Hedges 'sort of'
  • Hypercorrect grammar
  • Tag questions
  • Hyponyms for colours
  • Rising intonation for questions
  • Super polite forms (euphimistic language/avoid taboo lexis)
  • Use of the intensifier 'so'
  • Vocab based on womens work (dress making)

Janet Holms - Tag questions

  • Affective - lack of information 'isnt it?'
  • Facilitative - expressing solidarity (we liked that, didnt we?
  • Softening - soften criticism or commands 'give me the hairbush, will you?'

Tannen - DIfference

Status vs suppor

independance vs intamacy

Advice vs understanding

information vs feelings

oders vs proposals

Fishman - division of…




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