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It’s not easy to get your kids to do French lessons in their spare time. How can conjugating verbs even begin to compete with meeting friends, or the joys of playing? One thing’s for sure, teens will be spending more time on their phones and tablets, and clever parents can take advantage of this by sneaking in some free or low-cost interactive French language apps and resources. We searched around the web for entertaining resources composed of brief activities that kids can complete between their other activities. Casual, laid-back and quick.

1. Learn French FlashCards for iPad

Flashcards are a tried and trusted staple of language learning. But forget the dog-eared, handwritten cards you used at school. Today’s online flashcards have added features that turbo-charge the traditional, repetitive, flashcard experience. This app features over 4400 words and phrases that your kids can go through when they have a few spare minutes.

Flashcards provide immediate feedback on learning progress, and that has always given them somewhat of an addictive nature. This app cleverly capitalises on that through a bit of gamification. “Learning Lists” enable kids to focus on learning a few groups of words at a time. Once a word is learned (meaning that the exercises relating to that word have been done correctly), it is replaced by another word. How fast do you think your child get through all 4400 words?

2. French Games

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming name of this site, it’s actually quite sophisticated (we were quite taken by how the site layout uses motorway imagery and road signs to metaphorically indicate how learning French is a journey). All of the lessons are derived from the UK curriculum for 8-16 year olds. Kids start out by choosing a topic in chicago essay format style (grammar, colours, etc.) and the lesson then proceeds to the relevant games (these include the ever-popular Hangman, and a really fun adventure game called the Beetle and…


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