Landforms of coastal erosion

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Landforms of erosion

Durdle Door and Old Harry Rocks:

geos (faults in rock)-->caves (formed by solution and Hydraulic action)--> blowholes(hole formed all the way through)--->arches-->stacks(wave pounding)--->stumps (Old Harry)

made from resistant rock

East Perbeckcoast has a DISCORDANT coastline- where the rock alters in type

  • Studland bay- clay
  • Ballard point-chalk
  • Swanage bay-clay
  • Durlston head-Limestone

Concordant is where the rock is the same throughout

Wave Cut platforms:

  • 4*degree angle eroded mainly by abraision
  • the rock is eroded at the base of the cliff between HT and LT
  • this forms a wave cut notch most probably through solution or hydraulic action
  • then this becomes weak as the…


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