Lamia- John Keats

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Scenes & Places:

  • Mythical/ Fairy take setting of the opening- links with the idea that the world of the imagination is more attractive/ inspiring than the real world. 
  • The scene changed to Corinth- represented as an oasis in a barred landscape (lines 181-4)
  • Corinth represented as a place of light/ wealth 
  • The description of the 'secret room' where Lycius takes Lamia is very opulent. But is also isolated, lonely and dull. 
  • The description of the wedding scene us unusually foreboding/ morose. It is described using images of dedception. 
  • More description of the wedding scene occurs part II lines 173

Time & Sequence:

  • Begins like a fairy tale- 'Upon a time' 
  • Notice how the panoramic description gives way to focus on Hermes' point of view and the on to Lamias point of view
  • Then moves on to describe the relationship between Lycius and Lamia. 
  • Passage of time occurs between their meeting and their eventual marriage.
  • Ends with the public revelation to lycius and audience of…


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