lady windermere costumes

Lady Windermere's Fan. Costume Ideas. Victorian women.. Mr Dumby Lord Augustus. Also nearly universal was the pocket watch and fob, which were prominently displayed hanging from the front vest pockets.

Most men also carried walking sticks of various styles and often wore gloves when out for dress occasions. Some etiquette books indicate that it was considered unseemly to allow a man’s skin to touch a woman, making gloves a necessity. VICTORIAN MEN! lord windermere. Top Hats were de rigueur for parties and formal events throughout the century, but were also worn as day wear by the established gentleman.

A variety of other hat styles persisted, including the wide-brimmed “wide awake” style and the flat topped “pork pie” which were seen through the period.
Mrs Erylnne Mrs erylnne is a manipulative character who has a nasty side to her. She is an outlaw within the play, as she is not from the upper class society. However the other characters on stage do not know this, so she would dress adequalty to fit in with a unique quality. A Victorian womens’ attire was made mostly of dresses, often frilly and overdone in keeping with the rest of the Victorian era. The styles were tight


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