Lack of Consolidation - Explanation of Forgetting

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Lack of consolidation suggests forgetting has a BIOLOGICAL basis. Depends upon changes in neurons (cell assemblies) which is how we remember things by modifying cell assemblies. They must however hold information long enough for memories to become permanent. This process (known as consolidation) is tbought to take around 30 minutes.If consolidation is interupted or disrupted within this time then a permanent trace in the LTM will not be established and the memories become lost/forgotten. 

Examples that can cause lack of consolidation:

Head trauma/concission

some drugs/toxins

ECT (electro-convulsve therapy)

KEY STUDY: Lack of Consolidation

Yarnell & Lynch (1970) 

Aim- To investigate the effects of a blow to the head on memory loss

Method- American footballers who had suffered concusion during a game were approached IMMEDIATELY after they regained consciousness. They were asked about details of the game as soon as they came around and then…


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