Labour 2014 Education policy

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·       De-centralise control of schools from Whitehall

·       Directors of school standards responsible for intervening in under performing schools so that standards are raised. They propose a team of roughly 40 to 80 directors.

·       Allow Ofsted to inspect academy chains, a power the chief inspector of schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has sought but not yet been granted.

·       Local school commissioners to direct local policy

·       Parents would also have the power to call for intervention by the local director

·       Review the structure of academy chains, giving academies freedom to move between chains.

·       Give all schools freedom over the curriculum, the school day and buying in appropriate services.

·       Require all schools to audit and publish accounts online, including contracts' costs over £10,000 and beneficiaries of the deals.

·       Every Child Matters agenda 

·       Labour want to see primary schools work together to deliver high quality PE and to ensure there are qualified PE teachers in secondary schools, so children participate in physical education for a minimum amount of time each week. 

·       On taking oce the current Government scrapped Labour’s plans to extend free meals for school children, and made the decision to exempt academies and Free Schools from food standards. Furthermore, the number of breakfast clubs has fallen dramatically, meaning more children are going without a proper breakfast. The Government has now reversed its opposition to Labour’s plans for


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