Lab Experiments

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Lab experiments are carried out in highly controlled conditions which allows the IV to be manipulated. Extraneous variables are controlled which allows for the DV to be easily measured sometimes with the use of technical, scientific equipment.

Examples of studies

  • ·         Loftus & Palmer (AS) – watching clips and judging speed.
  • ·         Dement & Kleitman (AS) – monitoring REM sleep.
  • ·         Sperry (AS) – looking into the impact of having a split brain.
  • ·         Loftus (A2) – weapon focus.
  • ·         Bandura (A2) – social learning theory, imitating behaviour.
  • ·         Nemeth & Wachtler (A2) -influence of the minority.

Similarities between lab experiments and self-reports

P – Collect both types of data.

E – Milgram, voltage number reached and behaviours shown.

E – Wheatley, stats after acupuncture and behaviours shown.

C – Makes it more holistic.

P – High in usefulness as quantitative data shows trends in behaviour.

E – Bandura, shows how children copy behaviours.

E – Ireland, shows how treatment programmes can work.

C – Makes the results more applicable to…


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