La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci


Composed after an autumn walk through winchester in 1819 and had financila troubles. It was writted by Thomas Hardy when he was only age 24, 2 years before his death by Tuberculosis, which his mother and brother died from. He was a romantic poet. 

Form, structure and ideas

Traditional Ballad structure so that it could be learnt by memory. The traditional ballad structure here consists of an ABCB pattern with only 3 lines in the 4rth line of each quatrian. The poem also looks very ordered, which helps Hardy in his manipulation in defying the readers' expectations. This is because the story is told by the knight and depicts a femme fatale. She is the oppositive of a courtly lady, as she makes the knight submit to her. The knight's story is an immitation of romantic conventions in a corrupted yet trance like manner. There is a focus on the chivalric world of knights and damsels. 

Key Quotes and their subject terminology

'alone and paley loitering'-the word choice of 'loitering' suggests that the knight is…


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