Kidney Transplants and Dialysis - B3

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Kidney Dialysis and Transplants

Kidneys remove urea, excess ions and excess water

If they dont work it can cause the build up of these waste materials and could cause serious illness and lead to death


Dialysis machine is a solution to kidney failure as it carries out the job of the kidneys by cleaning the blood

Blood comes out of arm thorugh a tube and is filtered through the machine then is put through a bubble trap to get rid of any air bubbles before it goes back in

Inside the machine

blood goes into the machine

the blood contains proteins, urea and all other substances

the membrane that seperates the blood from the dialysis fluid is a partially permeable membrane

this means it only lets certian sized things through

Red blood cells and proteins cant pass through as they're too big, but other substances such as urea can

The dialysis fluid contains a low  concentration of urea

the blood contains…


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