Kidney Failure

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The Kidneys Remove Waste Substances from the blood

 1)  If the kidneys don't work properly then there will be a build up of waste substances and you will lose your ability to control the levels of ions and water in your body!

2) People with kindey failure can be kept alive by Dialysis treatment-where machines clean the blood and act like a man made kidney OR they can have a kidney transplant


1) this has to be done regularly to keep the concentrations of dissolved substances in the blood at normal lebels, and to remove waste substances.

2) In a dialysis machine the person's blood flows alongside a selectively permeable barrier this is surrounded by dialysis fluid. It is permeable to substances like ions and waste however not big molecules like protein.

3) The dialysis fluid has the same concentration of dissolved ions and glucose as healthy blood

4) This means that useful dissloved


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