Keywords and meanings for GCSE Geography Unit2

Just for the topic- Population dynamics
Hope they help :)

Ageing population; A population with high numbers of elderly dependant people and low birth rates.

Anti-natalist policies; Policies set by the Government to reduce or even stop the amount of children couples have. Usually done with disincentives such as less time for maternity leave.

Birth rate; The number of live births every year per 1000 of the population.

Death rate; The number of deaths every year per 1000 of the population.

Development; Improvement in wealth and technology of a country.

Economically active; A group of people of the ages 16-65 who are able to work.

Family planning; Birth control, contraception, abortion, these are to allow families choices and option in fertility control.

Fertility rate; Is another world used for birth rate.

High-income; People who earn a lot and…


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