Key Words: GEOLOGY UNIT 4.2


Source Rock - an organic-rich mudstone or shale containing abundant plankton that formed in low energy, anoxic, marine conditions

Maturation - process where plankton is converted into petroleum by the effects of temperature and pressure during burial

Migration - describes the movement of petroleum from a source rock into a reservoir rock

Reservoir rock - a highly porous and permeable rock capable of storing and yielding significant amounts of petroleum

Cap rock - an impermeable rock above the reservoir rock preventing further upwards migration of petroleum

Trap - a geological situation that concentrates petroleum in one place

Natural resources - Any natrualy material that is useful and valuable

Reserves - the amount of the resource that can be extracted at a profit using existing technology

Blowout - when oil gushes uncontrolled to the surface

Primary recovery - where oil initially gushes to the surfaces under natural pressure and then pumped out (Only recovers 20-30% of the oil using…


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