Key Words: GEOLOGY UNIT 2.4


Isochemical - means that no elements are added or removed, with the exception of volatiles such as water and carbon dioxide

Country rock - the rock into which an igneous rock has been intruded

Foliation - the texture in metamorphic rocks, formed by the flat, platy minerals

Slaty cleavage - the texture in fine grained rocks formed by low grade regional metamorphism. Platy minerals recrystallise perpendicular to the direction of stress applied during metamorphism so that rock splits into thin sheets

A Porophyroblast - a large crystal that has grown during recrystallisation in a metamorphic rock and is surrounded by a finer grained groundmass of other crystals

Schistosity - the texture in medium and coarse grained metamorphic rocks formed by the preferred alignment of flat/tabular minerals. The alignment is perpendicular to the direction of stress applied during metamorphism. No traces of original bedding remain

Gneissose banding - the segregation of light and dark coloured minerals into layers or bands at the scale of mm to cm in thickness. The light band is normally granoblastic and the dark band normally shows the shistosity

Granoblastic - describes the texture of metamorphic rocks that contain interlocking equi-dimensional, crystals

Inclusion - a fragment of…


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