Key Words: GEOLOGY UNIT 2.1


Extrusion - the emission of magma onto Earths surface where it forms a lava flow

Weathering - the breakdown of rock in situ

Erosion - the removal of weathered material, usually by the physical action of transported fragments

Deposition - the laying down of sediment that occurs when a transporting agent loses energy

Burial - occurs when sefiment is covered by younger layers of sediment accumulating on top of it

Diagenesis - defines all processes that take place in sediments at low temp and pressure at or near the Earths surface

Recrystallisation - the solid state process that changes minerals into new crystalline metamorphic minerals

Metamorphism - the changing of rocks in the Earths crust by heat and/or pressure and/or volatile content. It is isochemical and occurs in solid state

Partial melting - the invomplete melting of rock in the lower crust or upper mantle

Magma accumulation - magma collecting within a chamber

Crystallisation - occurs during the cooling of magma or lava so that solid mineral crystals form

Intrusion - an igneous rock formed below the Earths surface. Magma can be forced into…


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