Key Words: Geography 1

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Evapotranspiration - the total amount of moisture removed by evaportation and transpitation from a vegetated land surface

Groundwater flow - the movement of water through rocks

Infiltration - the passage of water into soil

Interception - the process by which rainfrops are prevented from directly reaching the soil

Percolation - the downward movement of water within the rock under the soil surface

Precipitation - water in any form that falls from the atmosphere to Earths surface

Run-off - all water that enters a rive and eventually flows out of the drainage basin

Stemflow - water that runs down stems and branches

Throughfall - water that drips off leaves during a rainstorm

Throughflow - the water that moves down-slope through the subsoil pulled by gravity

A Storm Hydrograph - shows the variations in a river's discharge over a short period of time, usually a storm

Lag time - the time delay between maximum rainfall amound and peak discharge

Base flow - the starting and finishing level of a hydrograph

Rising limb - as storm water enters the drainage basin the discharge rises and a rising limb shows this

Peak discharge - the highest flow in the channel

Receding limb - the fall in the discharge back to base level

Deposition - the laying down of solid mateiral in the form of sediment on a river bed or sea floor

Erosion - the break up of rocks by the action of rock particles being moved over Earth's surface by water, wind and ice

Transportation - the movement of particles from the place eroded to the place deposited

Abrasion (corrasion) -


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