Key words for As biology topic 3 - voice of the genome

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Blastocyst – the hollow ball of cells formed after 5 days from the conception. After these 5 days it starts to embed in the uterus

B galactosidase – this is an enzyme that breaks down lactose when it is present. It converts the lactose into glucose and galactose (these are monosaccharides) (this enzyme can be stopped by a repressor molecule and started by an operator gene)

The human genome project

A genome is all the genes that make up a human (or other species) put together

The human genome project was a project to discover every type and its function as well as all the possible combinations/sequences leading to certain characteristics

Acrosome – this is a type of lysosome found in the sperm cells head that swells up to merge fuse with the cell surface of the egg cell during fertilisation then releases digestive enzymes that make way for the sperm to fuse with the egg

Centromere – the region where two chromatids join together


This stage in mitosis is where the spindle fibres suddenly shorten pulling the two chromatids apart towards the centrioles so that telophase can complete the production of the new cell

Albinism – a congenital disorder where there is a complete or partial absence of pigment in skin hair and eyes…this is how we get albino people

Cancer – an uncontrollable growth in cells due to excessive mitosis

Cell cycle – order of events that cause cell contents to be synthesised so that they can be…


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