Key obedience study- Milgram 1974

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AIM: To find out whether a person would carry out an unjust order from a member of authority to inflict pain on another person.

METHOD: 40 men aged 20-50 were given the role of teacher, and a confederate would player the role of learner. For every wrong answer the 'learner' gave, an electric shock (although wasn't actually real) was given, in increments of 15 volts, right up to 450 volts. If the teachers was unwilling to carry on, the researcher would ask them to continue, saying "it is essential that you continue"...

FINDINGS: 65% of participants gave the maximum shock of 450 volts. 

CONCLUSION: In certain circumstances, most people will follow an unjust order. It is an example of blind obidience, where all…


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