Key features of Virtue Ethics 2

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Phronesis also known as practical wisdom this is wisdom that enables someone to make right decisions in difficult situations. It is commonly asserted that someone's compassion might lead to them acting wrongly e.g. to tell a lie they should have not told in the desire to prevent someone' s feelings getting hurt. Siustion lie these why:

  •  Aristotle believed Phronesis requires maturity because a child may  child may posses certain  dispositions e.g. generosity, honesty this would undoubted be nice children but we we would not say they were morally virtuous because gives of  "natural virtue" proto version of full virtue which is awaiting perfection by phronesis.
  • In addition Aristotle  argues wouldn't say children virtuous because child can be virtuous  but prone to mess thing up because  he is ignorant…


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