Key Dates of the Cold and Vietnam Wars

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Key Dates:

Cold  War:

·         1945-9: years between which the USA and USSR became enemies due to ideological differences

·         February 1945- Yalta Conference- Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin

·         July-August 1945- Potsdam Conference- Attlee, Truman, Stalin

·         August 1945- Hiroshima and Nagasaki

·         1946- Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech

·         1947- Truman Doctrine- containment of communism but not push it back

·         1947- Marshall Plan- stop spread of communism by helping the economies of Europe recover

·         1947- Comiform- Communist information bureau- set up as response to Marshall plan

·         1948- Czechoslovakia taken over by Communists

·         1948-9- Berlin Blockade and Airlift- Stalin tried to blockade berlin, but the allies airlifted in supplies

·         1949- Comecon- Co-ordinate the production and trade of eastern Europe

·         1949- NATO formed

·         1950- start of the Korean War- Kim Il Sung (p.m. of North Korea) invaded South Korea (p.m.- Syngman Rhee)

·         1953- Truce of Korean War agreed at Pamunjom

·         1953- Stalin dies and Khrushchev comes into power- ‘peaceful coexistence’

·         1955- Soviets sign Austrian State treaty

·         1955- Warsaw Pact formed

·         1956- Hungarian Uprising- opposition


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