Key people from GCA lectures

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Yeltsin - 1991-1999
Vladimir Putin - President 2000-2008, PM 2008-2012, President 2012-2018. ex kgb
Dmitry Medvedev - PM, ex president 2008-2012, ex chairman of Gazprom (global energy company) Putin's man

The 8 oligarchs (very rich business men, with political influence)

1. Roman Abramovich - "Putin's son"
worth 7.8 billion, 53rd richest man in world, 9th in russia, small private army of 40, owner of chelsea football club, ex business partner of berezovsky - ongoing vendetta since late 90's, involved in theft, fraud, antitrust law violation scandals and 'aluminium wars'

2. Mikhail Khodorkovsky 
Most successful oligarch of the 90s
bougt yukos in '95. 
Was 16th richest man in the world in '00s, arrested in 2003 for tax fraud inder putins orders, impisoned in a labour camp for 9 years, was convicted for money laundering in second trial (dec 2010) serving  14 year prison term why? 
- used fortune for politican influence (opposition)
-resisted oil taxes
-warning for other oligarchs
December 2013 - pardoned by putin and moved to switzerland

3. Oleg Deripaska
"King of Aluinum" ceo of rusal
Kremlins fav oligarch, owes putin everything, used to be 9th riches man in world, wealth declined dramatically one year due to global financial crisi, partly based in britain, involved with controversy with mandelson and osborne 

4.mikhail gutseiyev
Former president of russneft (huge oil company), 2007 self exile to london, son murdered to lure him returning to russia where he was facing allegations…


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