Karls in Christianity

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Karl Barth


The Father was revealed through the son. Barth uses the modalism for the trinity's being, in the same way a mother coud be a mother, a sister and a doctor. He is the main foundation of the the model view of trinity. However, Barth is criticised for insinuating the Father son and spirit can never exist at the same time whereas appropriation, suggests all 3 are involved in every outward action of the God-head e.g. creation. For Barth persons implies 3 seperate personalities, which may be supported by Perichorosis, but God only has one nature, so there can only be one self-consciousness.

Nature of Jesus

The cross is the centre of Christan theology, and he emphasised the centrality of Jesus in God's self-revelation. For Barth, particularism is still compatible with universal salvation. Knowledge of God and salvation are nly possible through Jesus Christ, but at the end of history all will choose faith and thus find salvation, so the particularity of revelation trhough God is still compatible with universal salvation. God's grace will triumph over


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