Kapp Putsch

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The Kapp Putsch lasted five days

  • First attempt by the extreme right wing to seize power from the constitutional government
  • Considerable unease among the ranks of the Freikorps over the reduction of the German army according to the TOV and a propostition to disband the Erhardt Marine Brigade and the Baltikum was the pretence Kapp needed
  • Luttwitz refused to diband and instead demanded the resignation of Ebert and the government and new election to the Reichstag
  • Wolfkang Kapp, a right-wing journalist opposed everything Ebert stood for especially what he saw as the humiliation of Germany thanks to the TOV
  • The Kapp Putsch was a direct threat to Weimar's new government 
  • It consisted of members of the paramilitary Freikorps 
  • Kapp was assisted by General Luttwitz 
  • March 13th 1920- Luttwitz seized Berlin and proclaimed that a new right of centre government with Kapp as chancellor was being established 
  • 12,000 troops sympathetic to the cause marched


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