Kant and The Right to a Child

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Values = duty, autonomy and freedom.

The categorical imperative.
"Act as though your maxim was to be universalized." 
If everyone was forced to have a child, this would be a contradiction of will as not everyone wants children. Moreover, the use of IVF is a contradiction of nature: the womans body was not designed to bear a child. Similarly, IVF is legistically not feesable to be used by every infertile woman, nor could every infertile woman have a surrogate - contradiction of will. (Not all woman would be willing.) 
Means to an end.
Surrogacy is wrong. It uses a woman as a means to an end. As is the use of donor sperm. Is an embryo a person - the issue of personhood. It is impossible to say a child is not partly to bring fulfillment and happiness - it…


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