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Good Will

  • Kant believed that humans are inherently selfish and we do what makes us happy. We are selfish.
  • Kant’s moral theory begins with The phenomenon of ‘GOOD WILL’, celebrating what can be achieved by the application of human reason.


  • For Kant if I am to act morally then I must be capable ofb exercising freedom or autonomy of the will.

“It is impossible to conceive of anything in all the world

which can be taken as good without qualification, except a

good will.  Good will is like a jewel, it should shine by its own

light, as a thing which has it’s own value in itself”

  • We know we are free because we experience moral choice.  We do not experience moral choice only after coming to the conclusion that we are free.
  • A person might act out of kindness because it makes them feel/look good, but this is wrong. The only acceptable reason for putting good will into action is a sense of duty, freely choosing the action because you ought


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